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2014  Club Membership Forms - Flying Tigers 2014 renewal forms are now available here on the web page.        


 Club Shirts & Jackets - The club has a few T-shirts left that were ordered at the same time as the field dogs shirts and are available for sale.  We are looking at obtaining some more if enough are ordered.  Please go to the post on the club bulletin board for more ordering information.  You ARE already registered aren't you.  We make most of our announcements on this board, it's free to join.


             Check out Photo&Videos for more pics                                                 



IMAC Nationals Lite

This weekend Aug,16/17th





Home of the Huckfest




1st Annual

Flying Tigers Jet Meet

June 21st



For more Events visit the Events Calendar on the MAAC webs





September 3rd 8pm 447 Wing 

Mount Hope



Jet Rally 2014

( Jet or Spaceship )



 You can view previous Photos Of the Moment at your leisure



The Flying Tigers are Proud Members of

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